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The journal Romanian Biotechnological Letters mission is to provoke, encourage and sustain publishing of original scientific articles in different branches of biotechnology and related disciplines, able to stimulate constructive debates among health, forensic, agricultural, environmental and industrial biotechnology specialists and other categories of professionals, with respect to latest discoveries and trends in the field.  Given the complexity of the biotechnological topics, such as medicine (diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, medical devices, paternity tests, other forensic investigations), agriculture (plant agriculture, farms, food processing), industry (energy production, new materials, nanotechnology) and ecology (bioremediation, conservation and restoration),  information technology etc., our journal was designed for a translational and integrative mission, being focused especially on translational studies and innovative perspectives able to stimulate transition from fundamental and investigative research towards practical applicability in different fields.

To reach these objectives, Romanian Biotechnological Letters takes into consideration a wider range of articles, such as original research papers, (mini)reviews, case presentations, editorials, letters to the editor.

We intend to give quick and reasoned answers to all submitted papers, the time of the first decision being thus made as soon as possible. Each decision will be supervised by the Editor in Chief, based either on preliminary editorial evaluation (articles that do not meet the journal profile or the required format) or on reviewers’ comments.

Rom Biotechnol Lett.

DOI: 10.25083/rbl
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ISSN: 2248-3942 (Electronic)
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