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  • IONESCU ŢOPA SORANA, SIMONA MIHĂILESCU, DANIELA STRAT, GHEORGHE IULIANA FLORENTINA. Effects of oil pollution on seed germination and seedling emergence toxicity
  • XI XU, YANG LI, JIA WU, LIQIN ZHANG, CHOUFEI WU. Isolating of the endogenous proteases presenting in the shrimp head of Litopenaeus vannamei and their enzymology characterization
  • PUCHIANU GHEORGHE, BABII MIHAELA, NECULA VALENTIN, ENACHE DORIN VALTER, DANES MIHAI. Research on the efficiency of the use of alternative diagnostic methods in microbiological analysis of food
  • CORNELIA NICHITA, ADRIANA BALAN, MIHAELA ZAULET, ANA-MARIA IORDACHE, CATALIN CEAUS, RODICA DUMITRACHE, IOAN STAMATIN E. Nose mass spectrometry method for the evaluation of artificially contaminated meat
  • IOAN PĂCEŞILĂ, EMILIA RADU. Extracellular enzymatic activities in the aquatic ecosystems of the Danube Delta. 2. Alkaline phosphatase activity